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K. Reinshagen Technik - I Am Seeing Fear 7"

Image of K. Reinshagen Technik - I Am Seeing Fear 7"


Transitioning from from his longtime LFA/Liable moniker, Nostilevo label head K. Reinshagen delivers two sides of lurching tape loops and unvarnished industrial rhythms perfectly suited for the uncertainty in our current social climate.

Edition of 200 in heavyweight Kraft-duplex jackets with double sided insert and stickered poly bag

Variant edition of 25 with white-streaked b-side celebrating the label's first vinyl release - each is unique and handmade by a dedicated press operator. (Sold Out)

Orders usually ship the following Saturday

EU/UK Customers: We apologize for the high shipping cost outside the US - both new releases are currently available from Rush Hour (

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